The staff recruitment takes place according to notions of impartiality and fairness, based on equality, without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, language and social background.

The confidentiality of personal data is protected, and we apply measures for adapting performance modes of service to customers with specific demands.

We ensure the development and the adjustment of management and relational capabilities along with the technical and operational skills of the HR department as requested by the organization roles and by the Quality, Safety and Environment Policy.

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Every employee receives the necessary Training and Information through courses, seminars and training on – site working, based on the specific risks related to the service, on the performance modes of service and on the use of those products and facilities provided by the company; furthermore, for the Supervisors are also performed training and information of the content of the general conditions of the contract specifications and on the internal procedures provided by the Quality Management System (SGQ), by the Safety Management System (SGSL) and by the Environment Management System (SGA).

To the basic project we must add, from time to time, other possible projects with specific contents, according to the activity that must be done. The strength of the AFS Company is the policy of continuing education of its own human resources, thanks to the effort of the qualified Supervisors, for reaching the highest quality standard.

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