intermediation and waste management

AFS SCARL is registered in the register of environmental managers for the intermediation and trade of non-hazardous and/or dangerous category 8/class F waste.
We offer a waste processing and disposal management service carefully divided by type.
Our operators are specialized in the control of waste processing, management and cleaning of the area surrounding the bins used for collection, also taking care of the bureaucratic and administrative managementof the compilation of loading and unloading registers, and archiving of forms for the entire period of carrying out the activities.

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Recycling and disposal

Minimising environmental impact

Bureaucracy and administration

High reliability is guaranteed in every step of the waste management process, from the customer's site to disposal and recovery, with constant support on regulatory compliance.
We evaluate with the customer the best solution in terms of selection, recovery and/or disposal depending on the type of waste, always pursuing the objective of reducing the quantity of non-recoverable waste and to maximize the recycling of waste to reintroduce it into the production cycle.
The recovery and disposal of all waste takes place at plants of our selected partners.
The plants are designed to carry out substantial preparation activities for recovery of the collected waste through selection lines dedicated to an accurate sorting of materials in order to significantly reduce the environmental impact strong> of waste, and amplify the possibilities of recycling.

We routinely manage this type of service having already collaborated for important clients in the national territory who have built impressive structures.

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